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Adrienne Palicki bio
May 6, 1983, actress Adrianne Palicki was born in Ohio. She graduated in Whitmer High in Toledo. She’s a runner-up for homecoming queen in their school. She runs track and plays basketball. She tattooed her parents’ names at her arm (Jeff and Nancy). She’s a sandwich maker at Togo’s when she was a LA. At Maxim Magazines’ Hot 100 for 2007 list, she ranked 79. Palicki was famous on Friday Night Lights (Tyra Collette), a TV series. She also appeared in Supernatural as Sam Winchester’s girlfriend. She appears at Red Dawn remake, The Robinsons (Lost in Space) and Legion. Palicki stars in the horror film, Breaking the Girl. In 2010, Palicki will join the television series of Lone Star to set debut in September. She helps support Barack Obama by the participating on the Music Video of Will.i.am, (We Are The Ones). Adrianne currently dates Alan Tudyk, an actor.

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