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Agnes Bruckner bio
August 16, 1985, actress Agnes Bruckner was born in California, USA. Her fatherís a Hungarian and her Motherís a Russian. She speaks fluently in Hungarian and some Russian. At 5, sheís up to dancing ballet and tap. She works as a child model at 8. 11 is the start of her career. Bold and beautiful was her first soap as Bridget Forrester. At 15 of age, she has a first lead role at Blue car and had an award (INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARD). She is also does Peaceful Warrior and a lead role in Dreamland. Some of her other shows were Murder by Numbers (2002), Venom (2005), Blood and Chocolate(2007) , the Woods(2006) and the Glass House(2001) Say Hello to Stan Talmadge (2008), Kill Theory (2008), and Vacancy 2: The First Cut (2009). She presently resides in LA along with her family. There she studies jazz hip-hop and ballet dance.

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