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AJ Cook bio
July 22, 1978, Andrea Joy Cook, (AJ Cook) was born (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada). She is the daughter of a teacher, Mr. Mike Cook and a psychiatrist, Mrs. Sandra Cook. Nathan, Paul and Angela were her siblings’ names. At four, Cook starts to enroll on dance lessons and taught back at her home town. She dances well before deciding to start on having an acting career at age 17. AJ first appear on a Mc Donald’s commercial. And that was the start of her blossoming career. She also had portrayed roles in shows like The Virgin Suicides (1999), Out Cold, Higher Ground and Final Destination 2. Lately she was on CBS crime drama, Criminal Minds were she portrayed as an agent. Last August 2001, Cook marries Nathan Andersen, where she met at a film class. On September 13 2008, Aj deliver a baby boy, Mekhai Allan Andersen was the name they decided.

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