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Alesha Dixon bio
Alesha Dixon is a popular and a very versatile English celebrity. During the course of her entire show business career, Dixon has been a model, a television actress, a dancer, a singer, and an established songwriter. Her full name is Alesha Anjanette Dixon and she was born on October 7, 1978 in Hertfordshire, England. She belonged to an enormous family with six other siblings. However, Dixon’s parents separated when she was still a toddler. She was discovered twice by two different talent scouts when she was taking dance classes and while on a train. Though her father was greatly persuading her to pursue a more academic and intellectual career, Dixon still pursued her love for music. At first, things didn’t turn out as planned as Dixon’s singles were constantly rejected and she was also dropped by music agencies. Dixon’s claim to fame was when she won “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2007, which led to her being scouted by Asylum Records and eventually breaking into the music industry in 2008.

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