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Alexa Vega bio
August 27, 1988, singer, actress and pianist, Alexa Vega was born in Miami, Florida. Her father was Columbian and her mother an American. Her first movie was Little Giants. She also starred in Twister. She made some shows in television like, ER, Ghost Whisper, The Bernie Mac Show, Follow the Stars Home. She became known worldwide by Spy Kids (her role as Carmen Cortez) where she does her own stunts. She did movies like Sleepover, States Evidence, Walkout, Remember the Daze, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Helix. In 2007, Hairspray became her start in Broadway and in 2009, a television sitcom entitled Ruby and the Rockits. Alexa also records songs. She signed on Hollywood Records. Her first single was Isle of Dreams (Spy Kids) and on the third film, Game Over. Her other songs are (Christmas is the Time to Say I love you, Lost in Your Own Life and Heart Drive).

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