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Alicia Witt bio
Alicia Witt started her acting career via the popular 80ís television program, "Thatís Incredible" where she recited the full text of "Romeo and Juliet" in front of a large audience. For the incredible feat, film director David Lynch gave her various roles in his many projects, starting with the film, "Dune", in 1984, the hit TV series, "Twin Peaks", and the short-lived "Hotel Room" aired over HBO. In 1994, Witt got her first big movie break as the lead character in "Fun" where she was given the Special Jury Recognition Award by the prestigious Sundance Festival. Additionally, she received a best actress nomination from the Independent Spirit Awards for the same movie. After that, it was back to small screen acting for Alicia, notably in the TV sitcom, "Cybill" starring Cybill Shepherd where she was cast as Zoey Woodbine. Alongside the "Cybill" exposure, Alicia did the films, "Citizen Ruth", "Bongwater", "Mr. Hollandís Opus", and "Urban Legend". In the last three years, Alicia has shifted her attention to doing films outside of Hollywood. One of these was "Kingdom in Twilight", a film adaptation of "Das Nibelungenlied", an epic German poem.

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