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Alina Vacariu bio
December 13, 1984 actress and model, Alina Vacariu born in Romania. She’s the Romania’s Model of 1998 at age 14. With that label, she had a contract singing with Elite Model management. Alina is broadly known for her close to perfect figure and her natural exotic beauty. She model lingerie and bikinis such as The Finish. She aspires to be a forensic biologist. She had travelled from diverse of the earth (New Zealand, Europe, Australia, South America, and South Africa) while posing bare-to-there bathing suits and skimpy lingerie. She also does runways of prestige designers and was placed on Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. She was casted ion the Time Warner Cable “Roommate Wanted”, and also a character part in Death of a Dynasty (2005 indie film). She also posed for Stuff in 2001 (September edition) and Maxim in 2003 (May edition). Alina is at present represented by Munich Models and Irene Marie Models.

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