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Alizee bio
Alizee started as a young French TV talent in 1999 when she joined the popular program "Graines de Star" where she sang "Ma Priere" which won for her the Meillieure Graine title. Popular French singer Mylene Farmer saw her performance and found her as the suitable candidate in her search for a fresh new voice. After a year of preparations, Alizee came up with her initial album, entitled "Gourmandises", featuring the song, "Moi Lolita", which enjoyed much airplay throughout Europe, aided by the image of Alizee as a seductive young Lolita, reminiscent of the character portrayed in the Vladimir Nabokov classic novel. Despite her sexy image, in real life, Alizee is actually a shy and reserved person who actively engages in several charity works through a French group called Les Enfoires which is composed of popular French celebrities dedicated to hold annual fund-raising shows. In 2003, Alizee married Jeremy Chatelain, also a French performer, and their union has been blessed with a girl whom they called Anny-Lee. She took a brief break from her singing career but is now said to be working on several songs for a possible third album.

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