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America Olivo bio
Olivo’s birth date is January 5, 1978. A female celebrity actress, a phenomenal singer and a TV personality named America Olivo. America’s birth place is in Los Angeles. OLivo performed and featured in new musical Hotel C'est L'Amour, shown in The Blank Theatre in Los Angeles. Olivo was designated for an (LA Weekly Theater Award the role of "Marie") in this production. She is presently appearing in the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (new Broadway musical). She replaced Natalie Mendoza for Arachne, who usually portrays the role and character. She made an abundant television shows such as (House, M.D., Jake In Progress, How I Met Your Mother, Cuts and General Hospital). In 2007, Olivo finished a movie features, the Last Resort and Love Shack. Movies are (DVD release) The Thirst: Blood War Olivo's 2009 (Friday the 13th and Bitch Slap). In February 2009, she was in the film Neighbor.

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