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Amy Fisher bio
This American national named Amy Elizabeth Fisher is popularly known as the "Long Island Lolita". By 17, Amy blast and hurt the spouse of her aficionado Joey Buttafuoco named Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Amy was in jail for seven years. After parole, Fisher turned into a journalist and a writer. Amy’s birth date is August 21, 1974 (Wantagh, New York). Fisher’s parents are Rose Ann Fisher and Elliot Fisher. Some of fisher’s manuscripts are the following “Amy Fisher: My Story” (reprint edition) and “They are If I Knew Then”. There are films that patterned to Amy’s life like Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story, The Amy Fisher Story, Amy Fisher: My Story in 1992 and Lethal Lolita in 1993. Right now, Amy is living with Louis Bellera (husband) along with Ava Rose and Brett (their lovable kids). In year 2007, Amy entered a work of being a pornographic star.

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