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Amy Lee bio
This American national named Amy Lee also named as Amy Lynn Hartzler is a pianist, a female celebrity singer and a musician. Lee stands 5’4 ½ with flush black hair and tint green enticing eyes. Lee’s birth date is December 13, 1981 (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA). Lee’s parents are John Lee (DJ) and Sara Cargill. Lee can play guitar, keyboard, harp and piano. Lee is popularly known as part of “Evanescence” band. The band was founded by Lee and Ben Moody. “My Immortal” is one of their popular songs. Evanescence had two albums namely “Fallen” in 2003 and “The Open Door” in 2006. Lee is popularly known for her gothic make up. Lee achieved the “Songwriter Icon Award” recognized by National Music Publishers' Association in 2008. Some of Lee songs and collaborations are “Breathe” and “Fall into You” with David Hodges, “Missing You” with Big Dismal and “Sally’s Song” in 2008.

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