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Amy Lindsay bio
This American national named Amy Lindsay is a female celebrity, a star actress and a TV personality. Lindsay is also named as Leah Riley, Lynsey Ames, Julie Snow, Summer Leeds and Lexie Tyler. Lindsay stands 5’8 with flush blonde hair and tint blue enticing eyes. Lindsay birth place is in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Lindsay appeared in the big screen movies and TV series such as “The House on Todville Road” in 1994, “Exploding Angel” in 1995, “Confessions of a Lap Dancer” in 1997, “Confessions of a Call Girl” and “Secrets of a Chambermaid” in 1988, “Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps” in 1999, “Perfumed Garden” in 2000, “Passion Lane” in 2001, “Final Examination”, “More Mercy” and “Private Sex Club” in 2003, “Black Tie Nights” in 2004, “Erotic Traveler” in 2006, “MILF” in 2010 and a lot more shows. Lindsay is the wife of Hoyt Richards (actor and model) since 2005.

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