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Amy Smart bio
Amy Smart joined the popular slew of the teeny bopper factory in Hollywood when she starred in several teen flicks such as the "Varsity Blues" and the not-so-incredible movie, the "Road Trip". Although her roles in these films are not enough to catch the eye of a critic, she was able to make her presence more known as a hot girl in baby tee. However, after her stint in the famous TV series "Felicity", it took Amy Smart some time to break into better roles until she was cast in 2001's "Rat Race" with Whoopi Goldberg and Cuba Gooding, Jr. and "The Butterfly Effect" in 2004. Lucky for her, her shining moment came when she became the object of a love triangle desire between real-life heartthrobs, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Klein in the blockbuster hit "Just Friends". With her amazing features as a sweetheart and as a former model, who would ever think that Amy Smart used to be a tomboy as the only girl to play in her baseball team? Now on her thirties, Amy Smart is an active environmentalist but is yet to make a breakthrough in her Hollywood career.

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