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Amy Weber bio
Those who live through the 90's will never forget Amy Weber as among the sizzling cast to catch the "Melrose Place" fever. Even late producer, Aaron Spelling, was caught in her winsome spell that after seeing her in several TV ads, she was cast to become TV's newborn star. Although she made her debut in "Saved by the Bell," it was after she starred in an Aaron Spelling production that she was able to seal in a promising future in hit TV series, which include the "Baywatch," "The Young & The Restless," "Pacific Blue," and "L.A. Heat". From her alluring charm as a print and TV model, she was then launched as an ultimate babe, who got to pose in Playboy and several magazine covers. Time also came for Amy Weber to extend her media popularity to several onscreen leads and theater roles. But despite her city-sleek appeal, this 34-year old actress, born on July 17, 1972, was actually hailed from Illinois as a simple farm girl who apparently had bigger dreams when she flew all the way to California. Bold and absolutely beautiful, Amy Weber also enjoys snowboarding, dancing, horseback riding, and kickboxing.

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