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Angie Everhart bio
Born on the 7th of September 1969, Angie Kay Everheart was from Ohio. Being born of an engineer and a simple homemaker, Angie thrived to have a successful life. In high school, this woman already became famous as a school mascot and a cheerdancer. Because of her built, Angie's potential as a model was soon showing; her mother took her pictures and sent these to a modeling agency. Before Angie knew it, she was in Paris and became a mainstay in Glamour and Elle magazines at age 17. At 19, however, she had an accident that fractured the rear part of her body. She thought that her dreams would come to an end; fortunately, with the help of physical therapy, she got back into the modeling world. Like other supermodels, Angie has never escaped the world of gossips and criticism. However, in spite of the negative comments regarding her modeling skills and built, Angie proved to everybody that she can reach her dreams when she became part of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women of 2003.

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