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Anna Falchi bio
Not quite known to many, Anna Kristina Palomaki is an actress and a model. Born on the 22nd of April 1972, this dynamic woman grew in the city of Tampere in Finland. Anna was an active young girl who was ignorant of her fortunate fate. As she grew up, her body turned out to be voluptuous enough for a fashion and commercial model. Being 5 feet and 10 inches tall, Anna truly outshines her competitors in the modeling industry. This gorgeous woman was first seen in a TV commercial for a certain Italian bank, wherein she starred with the famous Paolo Villagio and was directed by Federico Fellini. After the said project, her acting career blossomed and she appeared in several films like "Death Is Beautiful" and "Festival di Sanremo." When 2005 kicked in, Anna met her current hubby named Stefano Ricucci. Today, this famed actress enjoys being a responsible wife; though, from time to time, she still finds time for her acting and modeling career.

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