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Anna Marie Goddard bio
This lovely blonde is a popular face in Playboy Magazines mainly due to her natural looks and awesome sex appeal. Born and raised in a farming village in the Netherlands back in 1970, Anna-Marie was a typical small-town beauty who was obviously destined for fame and fortune. Instead of staying in their small village and marrying local boys, Anna-Marie staked her claim into the modeling industry by sending a photo of herself to a local contest during her senior year in high school. Her inherent confidence and poise enabled her to be noticed by local magazines where she worked as a model. When she turned 24, Anna-Marie was fortunate enough to have been noticed by Playboy Magazine, where she became a favorite of the male readers. After her Playboy exposure, Anna-Marie's career went up all the way and she enjoyed more than three lucrative years of being the most popular playmate in Europe. Today, she is married to model and screenwriter Colin Goddard and she has two children.

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