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Anna Paquin bio
Born July 24, 1982 in Canada, Anna Helene Paquin is known as the second-youngest Academy Award recipient for her memorable performance in The Piano. After her successful film debut, Anna went to New Zealand and studied and interacted with others as a regular student. Her decision limited her appearances in movies to once a year. In 2000, Anna returned to the movie scene full-time by appearing in popular films like X-Men, Almost Famous, and Finding Forrester. Her award-winning acting abilities were still very much present despite her long break, and Anna regained her fans while making new ones in the process. As with the trend of actors, Anna gave her voice to several animated features. The first was for a Disney English Dub while the second was for a Japanese anime film, Steamboy, where Anna gave voice to a young man. Coming a long way from her award-winning performance in The Piano when she was eleven, Anna Paquin continues to improve her acting abilities, making her one of the compelling actresses of today.

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