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With Jessica Simpson as her big sister, Ashlee Simpson found it a lot easier to break into the music scene. However, for the "punk" singer of the two gorgeous Simpsons, Ashlee had to prove herself more. But big thanks to Joe Simpson, father slash manager and producer, her first album, "Autobiography" is highly publicized even prior to its release because of her reality TV hit, "The Ashlee Simpson Show." Her carrier single, "Pieces of Me," even received a good air play and later made it to the charts. Lucky for Ashlee Simpson, she was able to escape the shadows of her more controversial sister as she enjoys a popular fan base next to Lindsay Lohan's and Hillary Duff's. The green-eyed singer even dyed her hair into a brunette as she dresses more comfortably into jeans and vintage clothing. She also starred in the hit TV series, "Seventh Heaven" and in a Rob Schneider movie, "The Hot Chick". Born as Ashlee Nicole Simpson on October 3, 1984, she studied ballet at age 11 and later became a professional dancer. Although she's caught in nasty rumors about her style and her singing, she's definitely not a one-hit wonder.

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