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Ashley Judd bio
Although she hasn't won herself yet an Academy Award, Ashley Judd is a highly acclaimed actress to play almost all types of roles. May it be a comedy, an action, or a drama, her sensitive charm always finds its way to the heart of her silver screen audience. She is among the talented few who is gifted with wit and mesmerizing appeal. Born as Ashley Tyler Ciminella, this 38-year old Hollywood celebrity gave up her school credits to act and later claim an onscreen glory. She first landed a role in "Star Trek" in 1991 until her acting career suddenly took off with a stream of blockbuster hits such as "Heat" with Al Pacino, "Kiss the Girls" with Morgan Freeman, and "Double Jeopardy" with Tommy Lee Jones. The dazzling brunette is also a product endorser for cosmetics and jewelries as well as an active advocate for AIDS awareness and other humanitarian causes. After dating gorgeous hunks and famous Hollywood celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Robert De Niro, and Michael Bolton, Ashley Judd finally found love with car racer Dario Franchitti, whom she married in 2001.

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