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Although popularity for Ashley Richardson was a short-lived encounter, those who've seen her in Sports Illustrated would definitely remember her as the gorgeous blonde to pose in skimpy swimsuits. Aside from her pretty face, her pictures made it to the magazine spread also because of her well-toned body figure. As a model, she was also featured in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit video in 1993 with Rebecca Romjin, Daniela Pestova, and Stacey Williams as among the famous celebrities to grace the covers of this magazine. The swimsuit video captured the candid moments behind the camera while doing the photo shoot. Ashley Richardson was among the beautiful women on sandy beaches dressed in swimsuits with leopard prints. This American model enjoyed the limelight of her career as one of Sports Illustrated's magazine stars. Ashley Richardson, like other aspirants, had gone through the challenging path of the glamorous world of fashion. Far from being the typical anorexic, Ashley Richardson has a well-endowed body that is part of her striking appeal as a model.

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