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Ashley Scott bio
An American actress also model, she was born Ashley McCall Scott within Charleston, South Carolina on July 13, 1977. She started out in joining the Millie Lewis Convention were she won and later moved toward New York through 15 and became an Elite Miami. She became a Giorgio Red Spokesmodel and a catalog model, she also made runway shows in Paris, London and Miami. Scott too appeared within The Hollywood Reporter plus within such publications such like Cosmo Girl, Us Weekly and WWD. Her television credits include “Dark Angel”, “Birds of Prey”, “Jericho” among others. Scott’s film credits include “AI: Artificial Intelligence”, ‘S.W.A.T.”, “Walking Tall”, “Lost”, “Into the Blue”, “Just Friends”, “The Kingdom”, “Strange Wilderness” and “12 Rounds” among others. Scott also did appearance to Jamie Foxx’s music video “Blame It”. Scott be foremost wedded to producer Anthony Rhulen, next to musician Steve Hart and parents to a baby girl.

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