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Azusa Yamamoto bio
Azusa Yamamoto is a Japanese female celebrity actress, a tarento and a bikini model. Azusa’s birth date is July 24, 1981 (Funabashi, Chiba). Azusa is illustrious for her muggy 'kabire' professional piece. Though as a kid Azusa has premeditated piano and ballet. Within 1997, Azusa vie in Japan Bishojo Contest also, she was preferred by the spectators to prosper however it did not happen. She’s also a trilingual; Azusa can contrary through her own local tongue quite well as Korean and English. Azusa is affianced to her co-star Kyo Nobuo as Isshu Kasumi/Kuwagata Raijer in the series "Ninpuu sentai Hurricanger', her sister Yasuhiro Yamamoto as Kouta/Hurricane Yellow was also part of the television sequence. Azusa’s work credits consist of of 'GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs Super Sentai' in 2007, 'Tokusou sentai Dekarenjâ: The Movie' in 2004, 'Ninpuu sentai Hurricanger vs Gaoranger' in 2003 and lastly "Ninpuu sentai Hurricanger" TV Series as Furabiijou in 2002.

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