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Bobbie Phillips bio
An American actress born within Charleston, South Carolina on January 29, 1968 known for her diversity of dissimilar roles to ranges from comedy to horror. Within 1991 she stirred to Hollywood also have her foremost guest star with Halle Berry in “They Came from Outer Space”. Her television credits comprise “The Hitchhiker”, ”The X-Files”, “Stargate SG-1”, “Married with Children”, “Baywatch”, “Murder One” which be her primary regular, “The Cape”, “Dharma and Greg” among others. Her Movie credits include “Chameleon”, “Chameleon II: Death Match”, “Chameleon III: Dark Angel”, “Seven Days”, “Carnival of Souls”, “Showgirls” and “Last Flight Out” her last movie for her retirement in 2003. She’s also a trained martial artist, writer, philanthropist, singer and entrepreneur and starred in numerous independent films. Following departure, she with her husband Anthony build a hotel, a year afterward be hailed since one of “The Best Hotels in the World” through Conde Nast Publications.

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