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Brande Roderick bio
A stunning blonde who was born June 13, 1974 in California, Brande Roderick wished to be an actress ever since she was just a little girl. Her wish was granted when she was given small roles in several TV shows, such as the 1998 series "The Love Boat: The Next Wave," "Beverly Hills 90210," the TV series "Jesse" along with actress Christina Applegate, and "Two Guys and a Girl." She then starred in several movies, such as "Club Wildside 2," "Life of a Gigolo," and "Sheer Passion." Her biggest break was when she was casted as lifeguard Leigh Dyer in the popular hit series "Baywatch Hawaii." After Baywatch, she followed the foot steps of other co-stars and became a Playboy Playmate and was hailed as Playboy's Miss April 2000. She then became one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends and also appeared as a guest in the popular reality show "Fear Factor."

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