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Brooke Hogan bio
An American singer, socialite, model also television personality be born within Tampa, Florida as Brooke Ellen Bollea on May 5, 1988 and oldest child of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan (Terry Gene Bollea). Brooke debuted on “Hogan Knows Best”in VH1. By 2002 was signed to Trans Continental Records that produced her foremost single “Everything to Me” (2004) in “This Voice” album that never got released. In 2006 she changed her label and moved to Storch Music Company and to SoBe Entertainment. She released her first album “Undiscovered” with singles “About Us” (2006) then ”Heaven Baby” (2007) and “For a Moment” (2007). 2009 Brooke released her second album “The Redemption” with singles “Falling” (2009) and “Hey Yo!” (2009). After a four-year contract under SoBe Entertainment she was released and currently under Fontana Records. Her works include“Little Hercules in 3D”, “Hogan Knows Best”, “Wild 'n Out”, “American Prom Queen” and “Brooke Knows Best”.

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