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Caroline Wozniacki bio
Caroline Wozniacki is a professional famous Danish tennis player. Wozniacki birth day is July 11, 1990 (Odense, Denmark). Her parents are Piotr and Anna Wozniacki. She is well known in the field of tennis. Wozniacki's career record in singles is 232–88 with a career title of 12 in WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) and 4 in ITF (International Tennis Federation). In doubles, her career record is 30–43 with a career title of 2 in WTA. She joined different tournaments such as "Western & Southern Financial Group Women's Open" in 2005, "Nordea Nordic Light Open" and "Australian Open (junior girls' singles)" in 2006. She prevailed both the singles and the doubles in her last junior tournament which is the "Osaka Mayor's Cup". In 2006, Wozniacki won her first senior title beating Tatjana Malek in "ITF-tournament" in Istanbul. In 2008, Wozniacki won as WTA Tour Most Impressive Newcomer of the Year.

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