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Those who've lived through the 70's would easily recognize Carrie Fisher as Star Wars' Princess Leia. She will also be best remembered as the enchanting lady, who’s always dressed in all-white with a weird-looking bagel-bun hair. But apart from her riveting success as Luke Skywalker's twin sister, it didn't take long before Carrie Fisher also took theater play roles. Show business, as they say, is truly in her blood as the famous daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The 5'1" actress, however, proved to be a bigger personality not only in acting but much more when it comes to writing. She would re-write scripts to turn them into big-times hit on the silverscreen. What's more, this 50-year old writer-actress had also written a full-length novel known as "The Best Awful". She had a daughter with Bryan Lourd, a famous film agent, and was once married to Paul Simon. To date, Carrie Fisher never ceases to amuse her audience and her readers with her honest remarks that are always too clever and funny.

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