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Carrie Underwood bio
Carrie Underwood or Carrie Marie Underwood in real life is an American famous singer and a song writer. Her birthday is March 10, 1983 (Muskogee, Oklahoma). She can play various instruments like guitar and piano. Underwood is the winner of the show, "American Idol" (4th edition) in 2005. Underwood's debut album entitled "Some Hearts" was certified platinum. According to SoundScan Era, the debut album of Underwood is one of the fastest and best selling albums of all time. The two hottest singles in the album are "Inside the Heaven" and "Jesus, Take the Wheel". Underwood appeared in, "How I Met Your Mother" (television show) as Tiffany. Underwood will be shooting "Soul Surfer" (Independent movie) in 2011. Underwood is a pet lover and a vegetarian. In 2006 to 2007, Underwood was elected as the "World Sexiest Vegetarian" by PETA. Underwood was also elected as the "Sexiest Female Musician" by Victoria’s Secret.

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