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Cassie bio
Cassie or Casandra Ventura in birth name is a famous singer-song writer, a fashion model, TV personality, a celebrity, and an actress. Her birthday is August 26, 1986 (New London, Connecticut). Cassie started her career when Ryan Leslie spotted her in 2004. They wrote and sang the song "Kiss Me" and recorded it. Leslie played the song for Tommy Mottola, the music executive of the music-media company, NextSelection Lifestyle Group. Cassie’s debut single is entitled "Me & U" was a success. It landed 3rd in the Billboard Hot 100. Her debut album entitled "Cassie" was released on August 8, 2006 and it sold more than 321,000 copies all over the US. Other popular songs of Cassie include "Official Girl" featuring Lil Wayne (2008), "Must Be Love" featuring Diddy (2009), "Lets Get Crazy" featuring Akon (2009). She appeared in the movie "Barbarian" (2003) as Harlem and "Step Up 2: The Streets" (2008).

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