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Cat Deeley bio
Who could be sweeter than Hello Kitty but the winsome purr of a Cat Deeley! She's one of the most lovable TV personalities in UK today. Although the undeniable charm of Cat Deeley works great in hosting a children's show, it still didn't stop her from getting quirky and spontaneous in her VJ stints for MTV UK. She's hip, young, and beautiful -- a combination that is pretty hard to resist. However, despite these qualities, it's quite a mystery for some why the beautiful host had refused to accept any record deal or movie offer. As it turned out, the 30-year old sweetheart used to be a solid A-list student before she even gave modeling a fair chance. Meanwhile, those who see Cat Deeley on her morning shows would also confess that it is her bright-eyed smile that makes watching her as sweet as a breakfast meal. When not chilling out with friends in UK's hippest clubs and bars, Cat Deeley's regularly seen hosting several gigs such as the "Hitlist UK", "SM:tv live", "Stylissimo", "CD:UK", as only some of her MTV and ITV shows.

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