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Catherine Zeta Jones bio
After playing the role of charming Elena in "The Mask of Zorro", Catherine Zeta Jones has no place else to go but up into Hollywood's A-list. She didn't only strut the Red Carpet with the most fabulous of all gowns, she also took home an Oscar for her impressive performance in the musical, "Chicago", with a Best Supporting Actress trophy. Out to prove that she's more just an exquisite beauty; Catherine Zeta Jones has always scored high in her choice of projects which include "Traffic", "Ocean's Twelve", and "Entrapment". Versatility is never a problem with Catherine Zeta Jones. She can do comedy, drama, a bit of action, and may as well sing and dance. She even made pregnancy and motherhood look so good. Hence, it's no surprise at all how this 35-year old actress captured the hearts of Michael Douglas into marrying her and Steven Spielberg into casting her as Zorro's love interest. Her sultry charm has also worked perfectly as an endorser for Elizabeth Arden and T-mobile, while she's also invested on her future as the executive producer of a production outfit. A mother of two, Catherine Zeta Jones is a superstar in the making when she left UK to fly all the way to Hollywood and enthrall many with her total package for incredible charm, wit, and personality.

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