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Celine Dion bio
Celine Dion is known all over the world for her singing voice and her top-selling albums. This diva hails from Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada and grew up in a family inclined to music. She had been singing since she was 18, recording songs in French and English, which gave her many Felix and Juno Awards. She became even more famous when she recorded the theme songs for various movies in the U.S. including the song to the Disney animated film "Beauty and the Beast," a duet with Peabo Bryson, the song which won both the Grammy and the Academy Award, "My Heart Will Go On," song from the movie Titanic, "Because You Loved Me," theme song to the movie "Up Close and Personal," and "When I Fall In Love," from the movie "Sleepless in Seattle", among others. Celine married her manager Angelil, who is 26 years older than her in 1994 in Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. She continues to grace her fans with her classic love songs with her powerful singing voice.

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