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Cheryl Burke bio
Cheryl Burke is a famous professional dancer. Burke’s birth date is May 3, 1984 (San Francisco, California). Burke is an American dancer. Burke started dancing as early as 4 y/o, when she took up ballet training and eventually she started dancing standard ballroom and Latin dances. Burke appeared in the show, "Dancing with the stars". Burke won on the second season of the show together with her partner Drew Lachey, (98 degrees member). Burke competes again on the third season of the show together with her new partner Emmitt Smith (retired football player). Luckily, they were announced as winners. On the fifth season of the show, Burke came back to compete again together with Wayne Newton (Las Vegas entertainer). Unluckily, they were the third couple eliminated on the show. Burke owned the "Cheryl Burke Dance" studio in San Francisco. She won the Role Model Award in 2007 at the 7th Annual Filipino/American Library Gala.

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