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Courteney Cox Arquette bio
Courtney Cox Arquette hails from Birmingham, Alabama. She was actually compelled to drop out of school to pursue modeling in New York. She appears in commercials for Maybelline, Noxzema and Tampax, and as a matter of fact, she was the first person in American television history to utter the word "period" on the air. Her career on film was quite successful for a freshman like her. but in 1994, she starred as Jim Carrey's girlfriend, Melissa Robinson, in the hit film "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". Other films she made include "Mr. Destiny", "Blue Desert", "Shaking the Tree", and "The Opposite Sex". Her TV career blossomed when she joined the hit comedy series "Friends". Courtney also starred in the movie "Scream", where she met her future husband David Arquette. Moreover, Courtney was given roles in "The Runner", "3000 Miles to Graceland", "The Shrink Is In", "Get Well Soon", "Alien Love Triangle", and "November", while she worked with other popular celebrities in "The Longest Yard", which apparently features Adam Sandler.

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