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Cynthia Rothrock bio
Despite her petite size (only standing at 5'3"), Cynthia Rothrock is dubbed as the "Queen of Martial Arts." A certified black-belter in 5 martial arts disciplines, Cynthia is one of show business' finest female action stars. This 5-time Karate Champion was born in Delaware and raised in Pennsylvania. She made her film debut with a movie called "Huang Gu Shie Jie," where she starred opposite Asian celebrity, Michelle Yeoh. After that movie, she starred in 7 more films, which were all made during her brief stay in Hong Kong. After achieving success in Asia, she returned in the United States to continue her acting career. Her first movie done in the US was "Martial Law," which starred her with Chad McQueen. "Martial Law" was followed by many more films like "China O'Brien," "Prince of Sun," and "No Retreat, No Surrender 2". For an entire decade, Cynthia continued to make action flicks, which unfortunately, are only rated B. However, for going to boundaries where no female celebrity has gone before, Cynthia is definitely rated A in the hearts of her many fans.

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