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Dana Plato bio
Most famous for her role as Kimberly Drummond in NBC's "Different Strokes," Dana Michelle Plato is born in California on November 7, 1964. She was the adopted daughter of Dean and Kay Plato, who raised her in Los Angeles. Dana started her showbusiness career at an early age by doing countless commercials for assorted companies. An adorable kid, Dana was offered a starring role in the famous horror movie, "The Exorcist," which her mother declined. It was not until "Return to Boggy Creek," however, that Dana's movie career officially took off. However, it was after the end of her "Different Strokes" days in 1984 that Dana's career spiraled downwards. She failed to land decent acting jobs, and wound up in softcore porn films instead. Her personal life didn't go well either--- her marriage with rockstar Lanny Lambert ended in a painful divorce, she had been in and out of drug rehab, and she had been arrested several times. The tragic life of Dana Plato ended in May 8, 1999, when she overdosed of Vicodin and Vanadom.

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