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Daniela Pestova bio
Standing at 5'11", Daniela Pestova is undoubtedly model material. This blue-eyed beauty is born on October 14, 1970 in Teplice, Czechoslovakia. Discovered by Dominique Caffin when she was 19 years old, Daniela broke into the modeling scene after winning a modeling contest. She appeared in the covers of countless fashion magazines including Sports Illustrated, Marie Claire, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour. Intoxicatingly attractive, Daniela was chosen by Paul Marciano to be a model for his company, Guess?, Inc. in 1990. Since then, Daniela retained her supermodel status, traveling around the world and becoming endorsers for huge brands like Victoria's Secret. Daniela was also married in 1995, to Fashion Café CEO, Tomasso Buti. They, however, divorced after three years of living together. Aside from her knack for looking good in almost any magazine cover and print ad, Daniela is also a proficient linguist. This model who was aptly dubbed, "The Chameleon" can fluently speak French, Russian, and Italian.

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