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Debra Messing bio
Adored by many because of her Grace Adler character in "Will and Grace," Debra Lynn Messing is one of TV's most talented actresses. She is often compared to Lucille Ball by critics because of her excellent knack for physical comic relief. Even before "Will and Grace," Debra is already a regular sight on the boob tube. She previously did a number of episodes for NYPD Blue, co-starred in FOX's "Ned and Stacy," and appeared in the 90's hit sitcom "Seinfeld." A genuinely gifted actress, Debra also managed to break into the silver screen, landing several supporting roles before lead-starring in a movie of her own entitled "The Wedding Date." As of 2007, Debra is set to star in a new TV series entitled "The Starter Wife." When not doing movies and TV series, Debra spends a lot of time with screenwriter husband Daniel Zelman (whom she married in September 2000) and son Roman Walker.

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