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Denise Van Outen bio
Extroverted and cheeky, Denise Van Outen is a persona truly cut out for hosting. Born on May 27, 1974 in Essex, England, Denise was schooled in the Sylvia Young Theater School in London. As a kid, Denise already showed stage presence by appearing in Les Miserables. When she reached her teen years, Denise continued to show acting potentials when she landed brief roles in several TV dramas like Kappatoo. However, it wasn't in acting that Denise became well-known. In 1995, Denise became the travel and weather reporter for Channel4's "The Big Breakfast." Along with Johnny Vaughan, they made the show a big hit, which in turn upped Denise popularity rate by several notches. After successfully hosting "The Big Breakfast" Denise began to try her luck with acting. She landed a couple of acting stints in TV, including "Babes in the Wood" and "Jack and the Beanstalk." Apart from TV acting, Denise also did theater. In 2001, Denise portrayed Roxie Hart in the Adelphi Theater, where she immediately became a huge hit. Denise was also the subject of a few showbiz gossips, especially when she dated Jason "Jay" Kay of Jamiroquai.

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