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Diane Kruger bio
With beauty that could launch a thousand ships, Diane Kruger is more known for her role as Helen of Troy in "Troy." Born on July 15, 1976 in Hildesheim, Germany, Diane is not new to performing and being in the spotlight. Diane was originally a ballet dancer who, after an injury blurred her dancing career, decided to pursue other interests. She then went on to become a model and even won Elite's "Look of the Year" recognition in 1992. Diane also set her eyes on acting and enrolled herself in the prestigious Cours Florent, a French drama school. With a few French movie acting under her belt, Diane made her way to Hollywood. Her first Hollywood screen appearance was in "The Piano Player" with Christopher Lambert and Dennis Hopper. A talented young actress, Diane landed several other movie roles, including Lisa in "Wicker Park" and Julie Wood in "Michel Vaillant." Aside from movies, Diane also appeared in several magazines like Maxim. In 2001, Diane was married to Guillaume Canet but later on filed for divorce. At present, Diane is rumored to be dating Joshua Jackson.

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