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Diane Lane bio
Most noted for her portrayal as Richard Gere's adulterous wife in "Unfaithful," Diane Lane is one of Hollywood's highly-regarded actresses. Born in New York on January 22, 1965, Diane's acting potential was already seen at a very young age. When she was 6, she already had two applauded theater productions under her belt--- "The Cherry Orchard" and "Medea." By the time Diane hit her teen years, she already made her first film called "A Little Romance." She even made it to the cover of Time for being the "new young acting sensation." However, it wasn't all roses for Diane's film career. Diane also had her share of several movie flops like "Touched by Love" and "Six Pack." Fortunately, Diane was able to recuperate from her blockbuster bombs with "The Outsiders" and "Rumble Fish." For a while, Diane hit a hiatus in doing major roles, but managed to get back on track with movies like "The Perfect Storm" and "Hard Ball." If Diane's acting career is a series of ups and downs, so was her love life. Diane had been romantically linked with a number of entertainment personalities all throughout her career, including Jon Bon Jovi, Christopher Lambert, and Josh Brolin.

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