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Elizabeth Berkley bio
An actress of Jewish origin, Elizabeth Berkeley already shows penchant for acting at a young age. Born in Farmington Hills, Michigan on July 28, 1972, Elizabeth have participated in numerous musicals since 1983 but it was not until 1987 that she first appeared in television. Even though Elizabeth was able to launch her acting career, her big break didn't come until 1989 when she auditioned and got accepted for the Jessica Spano role in the popular teen-oriented TV show, "Saved by the Bell." After four successful seasons, Elizabeth left the sitcom to try to break into the big screen. With her acting skills, Elizabeth's transition from TV to movie hadn't been difficult. She landed a few lead roles, including the character of Nomi Malone in the box-office bomb, "Showgirls." Since then, Elizabeth tried her hands on smaller movie roles in a number of indie films like "Roger Dodger" and "The Real Blonde." Elizabeth is married to Greg Lauren, the nephew of famous fashion designer, Ralph Lauren.

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