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Ellen Page bio
Canadian actress Ellen Philpotts-Page was born on the 21th of February 1987 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is now known as Ellen Page and one of the fast rising young stars in Hollywood. At just age 4, Page already acted in several school plays and at age 10, she finally had her big break starring in CBC television movie Pit Pony which later on became a TV series. At just a young age, she already got nominated for "Best Actress" both in Golden Globe and Academy Awards for her breakthrough role in the film "Juno". She finally got her first back-to-back Austin Film Critics Association Awards for "Best Actress" for the movies "Juno" and "Hard Candy". Ellen is also famous for her roles in "Inception", "Smart People", "Whip It" and "X-Men: The Last Stand". Ellen was nominated for Time's 100 Most Influential People list and included in FHM's Sexiest Women in the World list and Entertainment Weekly's future A-List stars list in 2008.

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