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Elsa Benitez bio
Born on December 8, 1977 in Sonora, Mexico, Elsa Benitez is one of fashion world's most alluring models. With dreams of launching a modeling career like her idol, Linda Evangelista, Elsa entered a model search in 1995. When she won, modeling projects started landing on her lap. She started to become a well-known model in Mexico first, then went on to become famous in Europe and United States. Her shot at becoming a supermodel came when Steven Meisel featured her in his Vogue layouts. Since then, Elsa have appeared numerous times in various beauty and fashion magazines, including Glamour, Sports Illustrated, Mademoiselle, Marie Claire, and ELLE. She also did countless ad campaigns for big-name fashion designers and brand names like Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, and Victoria's Secret. Aside from magazines and ad campaigns, Elsa also appeared in a music video for Enrique Iglesias' “Love to See You Cry.” At present, Elsa wishes to launch an acting career.

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