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Emma Bunton bio
The youngest of the pop sensation, Spice Girls, Emma Bunton was born in Finchley, North London on January 21, 1976. Even at a young age, Emma already showed love for the limelight. When she was only 3 years old, Emma already won a beauty contest. After finishing grade school, Emma enrolled in the exclusive Sylvia Young Theater School to become an actress. With a good acting background, Emma landed a few acting roles in “The Bill” and “EastEnders.” Apart from acting, Emma also did TV commercials and print ads. Emma's big break came in 1994, when she made the cut for “Touch” an all-girl group. Together with four other singers, Emma trained under a vocal coach to hone her singing skills. In 1995, Virgin Records signed in the band and launched them under a new name: Spice Girls. Emma, being the most innocent-looking in the group, became known as Baby Spice. When the group split in 2000, Emma launched her own solo album. While it wasn't as successful as the one during her Spice Girls days, Emma claimed that she enjoyed making the album and writing some of its songs. As present, Emma is expecting a child with husband Jade Jones.

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