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Filippa Lagerback bio
Filippa Lagerback, is an actress and fashion model. She was born on September 21, 1973 in Svezia, Stoccolma. Included in her portfolio are a lot of pictorials with themes that extend from sexy to nude. In her movie career, she is remembered most for the movie 'Silenzio si nasce' in 1996. This comedy movie is directed and co-written by Giovanni Veronesi. Filiippa stars in it alongside Sergio Castellitto, Paolo Rossi, and Ermanno Veglietti. She also appears in Superball. She is also featured in Candid Angels in November of 2000, in Controvento, and Il Circo in September of 2002 among others. From magazines to movies, photos, and films, Filippa Lagerback does not back off in terms of sexiness. Filippa fascinates viewers with her combination of fun, playful, provocative, and definitely sexy character. Fiery Filippa photos never fails to fire up exciting feelings. Filippa Lagerback is living with her partner, Daniele Bossari. The couple has a daughter named Stella.

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