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FLorence Guerin bio
French actress Florence Guerin also known as Florence Nicolas was born on the 12th of June 1965. Guerin had a good life when she was young, but was forced to move to a public housing project in Cannes La Bocca at just age 10 when her father died. In 1980, she became the winner of the "Miss Cinema" competition at Cannes in 1980 and from thereon she continued to appear in several TV shows and films until 2008. In 1983, Guerin had a starring role playing the character Louise in the drama flick "Black Venus". In 1985, she starred as Clo Albrini in the movie "D'Annunzio" and Claudia Christiani in the thriller "The Click". She continued to do starring roles in films including "La bonne", "La joven y la tentación", "Le couteau sous la gorge" and "Il gatto nero" as well as TV series "Il bello delle donne" and her last appearance in "Paul et ses femmes". In 1998, Guerin got into a tragic road accident which took away the life of her 5 year old son Nicholas.

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