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Hannah Graaf bio
Born on 1978 in Stockholm, Sweden as Hannah Rakel Zerafia Graaf, this winsome blonde beauty has made a profitable career as a model during her late teens. Standing at 5'8", Hannah became a familiar face in magazines and attracted the admiration of male audiences. Her career took a different turn when she became 18, as Hannah underwent a surgical procedure for breast augmentation and was re-launched as Sweden's newest sex symbol and actress. Soon, she was featured in different men's magazines and became one of the country's most popular models to pose nude. Together with her sister, Magdalena Graaf, Hannah became more controversial, especially since she and Magdalena were members of the local Pentecostal church. However, the two decided to take a different career as they jumped into the music scene by forming the music group "Graaf," releasing their debut self-titled album "Graaf Sisters" that carried the smash hit You Got (What I Want). Now, Hannah is able to reach fans from the younger age group, most of which are yet to see her racy photos and videos.

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