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Heather Locklear bio
Possible known the most for her role as the sexy Amanda Woodward, one of the many vixens in Melrose Place, Heather Locklear is undoubtedly an established Hollywood actress. Her career started when she became a model for local commercials in California. From there, Heather appeared in small parts in many TV shows, impressing people with her beauty and poise. Her appearances in the soap opera Dynasty perhaps paved the way for her to be recognized and given more roles in movies like The First Wives Club, Money Talks, Uptown Girls, The Perfect Man, and Uptown Girls. Despite the fact that she played serious and tough roles that displayed her femininity, Heather surprised TV viewers when she played the role of a tough administrative staff of New York City's mayor in the hit comedy show Spin City opposite Michael J. Fox. Heather is also famous for her penchant for dating musicians, especially rock stars, like Tommy Lee and Bon Jovi guitarist Ritchie Sambora, whom she married in 1995. The two divorced in 2005, and Heather has custody of their daughter Ava.

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